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How do I setup eNewsletter Pro to use Multiple SMTP Servers?

The full version of eNewsletter Pro Enterprise Edition Version 7 and higher supports sending through multiple SMTP Servers.  These can be relay servers, or separate physical servers on which you have installed a copy of the eNewsletter Pro Mail Engine on each server. 

To use this feature, go into the Administration console and click Setup.  Under Email Server Information for Outgoing Messages, choose "Use Multiple Servers" for Default Mail Delivery Program or Method.

Newsletter Software with feature for sending through multiple SMTP Servers

Next, under Delivery Servers you must enter the individual servers and delivery method.  The Computer Name is the physical name of the computer.  At least one server must be the Default Server.  The default server is the server that will send administrative messages, email reports, and handle the bounces.

In Version 8 and higher, multiple instances can be defined on the same server.  For example, you could create multiple instances of IIS SMTP server and set each up as a different delivery server in eNewsletter Pro.  You could also setup multiple relay servers.  Only one instance of SMTP Express can be defined on a given server.

Important Notes:

  • You must install a copy of the eNewsletter Pro Mail Engine on each server that you define UNLESS you are using the Relay option or defining multiple instances on the same server.
  • The computer name must match exactly including the case.
  • At Least one server must be setup as the default.  The default server will handle email reports, bounce filtering, etc.
  • This feature is not available in the shared server version.
  • This feature requires eNewsletter Pro 7 or higher.
  • You cannot install more than one copy of the eNewsletter Pro mail engine on the same server.

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