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PDF Version 11 for ASP.NET
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General Features are shown below


Enterprise Version 11.0 for .NET (Shared Server Version) Enterprise Version 11.0 for .NET
(Full Version)
Hosting Requirements Windows Server running ASP.NET 4.0 Windows Server running ASP.NET 4.0 with Admin Access
Free installation and free technical support.
Easy-to-use, intuitive HTML administration interface allows you to administer the product from any location with web access. 
Supports an unlimited number of Newsletter Lists,  and Newsletters.  Subscribers can belong to any number of Newsletter Lists.
Uses SQL Stored Procedures for optimal performance and security.
Supports multiple users with separate accounts allowing you to offer a newsletter service to your customers.
Application supports creating sub users within a given user account with specific tasks assigned.  For example, a sub-user could be created with permissions to view reports.
Automatically creates newsletter signup forms that can be placed on any web site.  Also includes option to create opt-out form for placement on a web site.
Opt-in form includes option to include CAPTCHA verification to prevent automated submissions.
Uses a Confirmed Opt-In verification by email to verify the validity of the user's email address and to prevent people from maliciously subscribing others.  This feature is optional but not required.
Lists can be public or private.  Private lists are not available to subscribers and typically for internal use or private mailings.
Option to specify custom character sets for each Newsletter List.
Includes a Subscriber List Builder tool for querying the database to build new lists based on:
  • Existing Lists
  • Demographics
  • Join Date
  • Account Update Date
  • Views/clicks
  • Bounces
  • Delivery Format
  • Salutation
  • Suppression against other lists
  • Suppression against specific domains
  • List Splitting
Send capping feature to limit how many email messages each subscriber receives in a given period   For example, limit to 5 messages every 14 days.  
Supports A Custom Consent Agreement on Opt-In Forms and Update Settings pages to comply with Canadian Spam Laws (CASL)
Option to define domain suppression lists that can be applied on Import or sending.
Supports Scheduled List Transfers to transfer subscribers based on a campaign or Newsletter List  
Supports HTML and TEXT newsletters.
Built-in HTML WYSIWYG editor for direct creation of newsletters within the web interface.
WYSIWYG Editor includes built-in support for templates and includes 30 sample templates.  Additional templates can be uploaded and stored.
Option to import a web page as a newsletter or a local file.
Supports Sending multipart MIME email to let the email client detect and determine which version to display.
Option to specify separate Rich Text newsletter for AOL users. Click here for more information on AOL HTML Compatibility.    
Option to specify separate newsletter for Mobile users
Option to embed a link in the text version of your newsletter that leads to a page showing the HTML version.  The stats are fully tracked for this newsletter. The parameter is called ##HTMLNewsletterURL##.  Similar parameter available for displaying the text version.
Supports file attachments for all newsletter types; Images can be attached directly to email message or referenced using the full URL to the image.
Includes option to forward newsletter to a friend.  Friend's email addresses can be collected and stored in the software.  Option supports defining up to 10 friends at one time.
Ability to create / save custom text fields at the client level, for use as variables in messages.  Both the variable or text field data can be inserted through a drop-down menu on the new WYSIWYG editor.
Ability to create JavaScript to display archived newsletters on a web site.

Includes feature for Review/Ratings Pages to gather feedback from your customers

Supports dynamic content through custom fields which can be based on subscriber demographics

Supports social network sharing of newsletters on FaceBook, LinkedIN and Twitter.
Includes Publish To Facebook option to directly publish newsletter to Facebook
Option to personalize your newsletters by including the subscriber's name, email and other demographic information that you collect.  For example, "Dear John Doe,".
Option to capture up to 25 demographic parameters from subscribers.  Parameters can be included in the newsletters during delivery. Up to 25 fields Up to 25 fields
Includes a subscriber administration interface for members to manage their subscriptions.  Functionality includes changing subscriptions, contact information, updating email address, and un-subscribing.
Subscriber Limit based on license purchased.  License ranges from 50,000 email addresses/subscribers up to over 1 Million.  Base License is 50,000 subscribers. Up to 100K Up to 1 Million+
Option to import email addresses and other demographic subscriber information directly from an ODBC compliant database.  Import mappings can be saved for re-use.
Option to add a bulk list of name and email addresses which are separated by a  comma, tab, or carriage return.  
Option to export email addresses and other subscriber information to Excel.
Option to remove a bulk list of email addresses.
Option to import pending subscribers and email an invitation asking them to join your list.
All Reports can be exported to excel.
Import Subscribers from MindBody
Import Subscribers from GMAIL
Option to track un-subscribers on an opt-out list to prevent re-importing a subscriber who has opted out in the past.  Subscribers can be filtered against the opt-out list.
Opt-Out behavior complies with US Spam laws
Opt Out list retains these fields in the opt-out list to comply with spam laws:
  • Date Subscribed
  • IP Address
  • Opt In Method
Option to import an opt out list from any type of database.
Allows user to enter a reason why they are unsubscribing.
List-Specific Opt Outs.
Addresses stored on the opt-out list do not count toward the "user" license.
Unsubscribe By Email option for unsubscribing by email.  Includes option to include GMail List-Unsubscribe header.  
Newsletter delivery via optimized 3rd party message queuing and bounce detection software.  Click for overview of the applications architecture. NA
Ability to schedule email campaigns for future delivery (up to 60 days in advance).  Newsletters can be scheduled in 15-minute intervals such as 2 PM, 2:15 PM, 2:30 PM, 2:45 PM, etc.  
Ability to schedule email campaigns as Recurring Campaigns that are continually rescheduled at a specified interval with a specific cutoff date.  The interval can be Daily, Weekly, Monthly, every 10, 20, 30, 60, 90 or 180 days.  
Option to target newsletters based on collected demographic data.
Option to email most recent newsletter or a specific newsletter after a confirmed opt-in.
Option to use IIS SMTP Server in addition to Quicksoft SMTP Express as well as a specific SMTP server of choice.  Also has direct support for Socket Labs Hurricane Server.  
Option to define and send through multiple servers/SMTP Servers.  Each individual user account can be forced to use a specific server or allowed to select a server.  

Direct send feature for directly sending email messages without using an SMTP Server This allows specifying a custom FQDN (HELO), IP Address, DNS Servers, timeout, etc.

Option to send a newsletter to those who did not view or did not click on any links in a previous newsletter.  Option to send based on those who did view/click as well as those who clicked specific links.
A/B list splitting.  Send to even or odd subscribers or choose the first 50 percent or last 50 percent of subscribers.
Option to define custom email headers.
Supports numerous sending criteria including Demographics; based on views/clicks or lack of views and clicks; based on bounces; based on delivery format; list splitting by odd/even subscribers; list splitting by first half/last half; option to ignore subscribers based on send history; based on join date; based on account last update date; based on list suppression; based on who clicked a specific link; and more.
Automated tracking/filtering of bounced email addresses.  Addresses can be removed after X number of bounces.  Click for more information.  
Option that retains a list of bounce reasons for each bounce.  
Tracking of both hard and soft bounces.  
Option to automatically delete a subscriber (and place on the opt-out list) after meeting a specified bounce threshold.  
All reporting is real-time.
Ability to measure the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign by tracking views/open rates, and clicks for each individual newsletter campaign.  Ability to track views/open rate, and clicks for each individual subscriber.  Clicks can also be tracked on each individual link.   Follow-up newsletters can be sent to those who clicked on a specific link(s).
Option to report on list of subscribers who clicked a specific link.
Conversion Reporting: Option to track and report on conversions.  Conversions are tracked by placing a cookie on the subscriber's computer when a link is clicked.  Conversions could be sales, signups, leads, etc.
Executive Report: The executive report summarizes a specific campaign or newsletter.   Some of the report items include: Number sent, clicks, views/opens, open rate, click rate, hard, soft and total bounces, delivery rate, unique rates, conversions etc.
Bounces By Domain:  This report summarizes which specific domains are generating the most bounces in order to help spot delivery issues with specific domains.  
Professional graphics including line graphs of trends (Delivery, Bounce, Opens, Clicks, Opt outs and Conversions) and campaign activity Pie Charts
Option to email any report to any email address after it is created.
Includes Geo-Location Feature to monitor where your subscribers are located based on IP Address
Option to email users when a person subscribes and/or un-subscribes or updates their profile.
Option to have daily, weekly, or monthly subscriber summary emailed to site user.  Report includes total subscribers, new subscribers, new un-subscribes, and a count of subscribers on each list.  
Supports Auto Responses based on subscriber activity.  For example, you can send a specific email when a subscriber Joins a list, clicks a link, views a newsletter, or updates their subscriptions.  
Option for the Administrator to be notified each time a newsletter is submitted to the queue, each time a newsletter send starts, and each time a send completes.  
Password Features:  Supports/Requires Strong Passwords; Option to lockout users after X Failed Login Attempts; Option to require users reset their password after an expiration period; Passwords are stored in database in an encrypted format; Full control of whether or not users can cookie their password.
Option to prevent users from re-using passwords
Option to restrict login to specific IP addresses
Option to encrypt the database connection string in web.config
Includes Cross Site Scripting (XSS) checks to prevent script injection attempts.
Audit log to track system changes made by your users and administrator; option to a view a list of active users logged into the system.
Monitors disk space and stops compiling messages if disk has less than 500MB of free space.  Program continues when free space exceeds 500MB.  Email notification sent to administrator when disk space falls below 500 MB.  
Option to require users agree with a "Terms of Agreement" when importing subscribers or sending newsletters.
Note: Our definition of a shared server is a server to which you do not have Administrator Level access.  For example, a shared hosting account at a web host.
PDF Version 11 for ASP.NET
PDF Version 2.5 for ASP (Discontinued)  

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